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As a licensed child care provider you should know that many working families in Oklahoma are eligible for benefits through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) to help them with the costs of child care.

For families to receive this help they must use facilities that have contracted with DHS to receive these subsidy payments.

This orientation will provide you with the information you will need to determine if you wish to contract with DHS to receive subsidy payments.

At the end of the course you will need to take a test. The owner or person authorized to sign the contract must pass this Final Evaluation with a score of 100% before the facility can start the contracting process.

Although the owner or person authorized to sign the contract is the only person required to complete this training, we strongly encourage all employees of the facility to view this orientation and complete the Final Evaluation as well.

Remember: It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure all employees of the facility are aware of and comply with the terms of the contract.

Child care provider studying this course

Course Objectives

In this course you will learn the basic requirements of the DHS Child Care Provider Contract.

These include:

  • Record keeping requirements
  • Using the EBT System and POS machine
  • The requirements of the contract
  • The rates and fees that you are allowed to charge
  • The auditing process
  • Your rights and responsibilities

To begin the course, select the Pre-Course Evaluation topic below.


Please review each of the modules below.

They can be taken in any order, however we recommend that you take them in order, as each topic builds upon the previous.

The final topic, Final Evaluation, will launch the Oklahoma Learning Management System to facilitate the exam.