Module 1

Pre-Course Evaluation

You are about to take the Orientation to Child Care Subsidy Contracts Pre-Course Evaluation.

This test will assess how much you already know about DHS policy concerning subsidy payments.

It will also help you prepare for the Final Evaluation provided at the end of this course. 

Two child care workers taking an evaluation.

Remember, the owner or person authorized to sign the contract must make 100% on the Final Evaluation before that facility can begin the contracting process with DHS to receive subsidy payments.

Question 1

Sally Smith left her EBT card in your reception area after checking in little Sammy. What should you do with the card?

Question 2

A parent or guardian verifies that a child has attended child care by:

Question 3

If a parent fails to swipe their EBT card DHS will:

Question 4

If a parent receives a denied message when swiping an EBT card they should:

Question 5

Tommy Turner did not attend child care today. Why should his parents not swipe his EBT card?

Question 6

Contracted providers cannot charge DHS parents fees for care not given. Which of these fees is allowable?

Question 7

Child care providers should do all of these EXCEPT:

Question 8

Which of these statements is true?

Question 9

Which of these statements about the point of service (POS) machine is true?

Question 10

You own four different locations. Can you move children from one location to another?

Question 11

Which of these events DOES NOT have to be reported to AFS Child Care Subsidy at least 30 days prior to the event?

Question 12

If the owner of a child care facility dies:

Question 13

By contracting with DHS providers can do which of the following:

Question 14

When must you allow DHS staff access to your facility?

Question 15

Providers must cooperate with Office of Inspector General (OIG) staff if their facility is selected for an audit. Which of the following is NOT a reason for OIG to audit your facility?

Question 16

The owner has a facility that is managed by a director on a daily basis. During an investigation an employee is found with drugs in his possession at the child care facility.

Who will be held responsible for not maintaining the drug-free workplace?

Quiz Results

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